It’s been three years since I updated this blog. To be fair, I haven’t played the Landgraab family much at all, and when I did, I forgot to take photos.  So here are a few from a while ago. Nothing much has happened with the family apart from the boys growing up.


Max with dad


Family meal


Marius and Prof Neuwelt


Marius can cook



Life goes on

So, back at the mansion, the Landgraabs had more time for the twins.



Max was still a problem…


but eventually quietened down and grew to enjoy playing with blocks or the xylophone (which previously he refused to do).


The twins got on with each other ok.



It was a huge relief, though, when the twins grew to school age.





No news from the Institute, but Marius was getting the attention he had hitherto lacked.



Easing the nightmare

Max was still a problem – never happy.  He just wouldn’t play with his toys and just cried.  Millard, by contrast, was a happy toddler, learning as he played.  Marius tended to be neglected.

It was Annabelle that broached the subject.  She suggest that perhaps Marius (she could never warm to his alien features) would be better off in an orphanage or cared for by someone who had the time.  Miller saw the logic of it and enquired at the local orphanage.  Even though the orphanage is currently empty, the manager refused.  She did not want aliens in her establishment.  The neighbourhood residents were not ready for aliens among them.


Miller was in a bit of a quandary.  Annabelle suggested he establish his own orphanage or home for alien children.  Miller discussed it with an architect friend who then suggested he take the idea further and establish a scientific institute for alien knowledge enhancement, with Marius as the main study.  Miller considered it and thought it would be a good idea.  Marius could eventually run the institute.  Annabelle wasn’t so sure that Marius should be the subject of experimentation, but Miller assured her it would be purely a psychological study as the boy grew.

The architect put him in touch with Professor Neuwelt who has expressed an interest in extraterrestrial life.  He was more than willing to head the new Landgraab Institute.

Between them all they built and set up the institute, with Miller helping to equip the offices (retrieving unwanted equipment from the Lillard family).




Finally it was ready and Miller took Marius to his new home, where he would have one-on-one interaction with the professor.



Miller felt a little sad and guilty for leaving his son there, but knew he was in a better place.


Life back at home was a calmer place.

Long time no write

It’d been so long since I’d played the Landgraab family, I couldn’t figure out why Jutta, although having a Landgraab surname, wasn’t living with Miller.  Just as well I could read my own blog to find out!

Miller and Annabelle got married.




Jutta watched before moving out.



Miller waves goodbye to Jutta

Annabelle talked to Miller about the possibility of children.


Miller agreed and they tried for a legitimate heir.  Annabelle got pregnant on the first try.  Unfortunately, on the very same evening, Miller was abducted by aliens.  It seems to run in the family.



The Sim god wasn’t best pleased, only hoping that the result wasn’t another two freakish alien babies.

The inevitable happened.


Funny to see them both pregnant.



Comparing pregnancies

Annabelle was the first to go into labour.


She produced a son,


then another…


Their names were Millard and Max.

Next up, it was Miller’s turn.


He didn’t have a good time of it.


The baby looked fairly normal.  (So glad it wasn’t twins.)  A boy called Marius.


Three babies ran them ragged.  Max, in particular, cried a lot.  It drove Miller to drink.


It was like having triplets – a first for the Sim god.


Before long, the babies all had birthdays.  Millard was the first.  Max took his time.



While Annabelle was waiting, Miller went to get Marius.


Miller and Annabelle barely got time to feed themselves or sleep.  The lack of sleep got to Miller, who lost his temper with the maid.


Finally they got some sleep…


so were oblivous to the demands of their children.



There’s been no time at all for Miller to invest time or money in the business.

Blind dates

Jutta didn’t know any eligible men, so she phoned up the local matchmaker and asked for a blind date.

The matchmaker’s first suggeston was a rather ugly gardener.

Jutta ended that date quite quickly and thought, by paying more, she’d get a better result.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a grumpy-looking old guy.  Not best pleased, she asked the matchmaker again.

Another old, even grumpier-looking man.  Jutta was spending lots of money, but figured it was Miller’s money anyway.  She tried again.

It didn’t seem to matter how much Jutta paid, this old hag kept giving her ugly old guys.

Jutta told the old hag to piss off before all the savings had gone.  It was no good.  She’d have to move out and try and meet someone the more difficult way.

Enter Annabelle

Strangely, a dark-haired woman by the name of Annabelle Landgraab, turned up at the residence of Miller and Jutta.

Miller immediately fancied her.

He invited her in and got chatting.

Annabelle moved in.  Mrs Snipes had left, after successfully repairing the computer (with no mechanical skills at all), as she no longer had a child to look after.

Jutta found herself having to cook.

Jutta found that her position (inclusive of the master bedroom and fancy clothes) was taken over by this new woman and that she was relegated to being a servant.

What’s more, she had to stand around and watch the budding romance between the new heir and the new woman.

Jutta wasn’t standing for that, but where was she to go?  She felt returning to her parents’ home would signify failure, so she had to find a new man to start a new life with.

Tragedy strikes

It’s been a while, but in the interim, the Sim god decided that Miller should be the one and only heir.  That meant a rapid growing up for Miller – from school boy to university student and back home.

Armando, tragically, was unaccountably locked out of the house and starved to death.

Miller thought that he would be free to marry Armando’s widow.

However, he found out belatedly that Jutta is his cousin and they can’t marry,  There goes that plan and she had the right surname too.

What will happen to Jutta and will Miller find another Landgraab to marry to obtain the legitimate surname for his inheritance?

Stay tuned…